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M1903 "Springfield" Rifle

New made M1903 Rifles are original U.S. issued receivers and bolts married to new manufactured walnut wood stocks and accessories. Mint condition grey parkerized finish and new made Criterion barrels make this rifle ready for CMP level or any backyard competition!

These rifles are assembled in the spirit of the original issued US rifles, and hold true to the quality that US Soldiers defended us with for over 65 years of dependable service.

Each rifle features:

• Newly manufactured 24" Criterion Barrel
• New US Made Walnut Wood Straight Stock
• Original US inventory M1903 Smith Corona or Remington Receivers
• Original M1903 Bolts refurbished, fitted, and headspaced for dependability and safety
• Mint Grey Parkerized Finish
• User Manual

Additional Information:

Date Adopted:20 June 1903
Length:1103mm (43.41")
Muzzle Velocity:823 mps (2700FPS)